Riyadh Marathon 2022 begins today with SR2 million in prize money

The Riyadh Marathon 2022, organized by Saudi Sports for All Federation with direct support from the Ministry of Sports and the Quality of Life Program to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, begins tomorrow. There has been a thorough preparation process to ensure fans from Riyadh and various regions of the Kingdom, as well as those from all around the world, can participate and attend the historic race with the chance to win more than SR2 million in prize money.

Riyadh Marathon 2022 begins today with SR2 million in prize moneyThe first 42 km marathon begins at 06:15 am at King Saud University. On the route, participants will get to see several tourist attractions around Riyadh (Diriyah – main roads – Digital City – King Saud University). Riyadh Marathon 2022 offers a variety of races for people of all ages and abilities, and is accredited by the Asian and International Athletics Federations, as well as partners from government agencies, such as Vision 2030, the Quality of Life Program, the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, the Saudi Athletics Federation, the National Events Center, and King Saud University.

A half marathon of 21.1 km is open to runners aged 18 and older, a 10-kilometer open race is open to runners aged 17 and older, and a 4-kilometer race is open to beginners and children. Anyone can register for one of these races on the official marathon website.

During the marathon village event, participants can get sports uniforms, and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy foods and sporting activities in a musical atmosphere, while taking fitness classes on two days: Friday from 9am to 9pm and Saturday from 5:30am to 3pm. Following the success of the Riyadh Half Marathon in 2018, Saudi Sports for All Federation decided to organize another marathon.

Saudi Sports Federation is the champion of community sports development in the Kingdom, and it seeks to build a healthy, vibrant society by instilling physical activity into all members of society as part of the Federation’s efforts to reach 40% of the population with physical education culture by 2030, as part of the Quality of Life Program, one of the Kingdom’s vision programs.